I know what you’re thinking.

“Really? F#@k skinny? But, if it’s not about skinny, what is it about?”

It’s about health.


“We have a mass culture in this country that celebrates totally unrealistic body types, particularly for women, that idealizes a kind of thinness that most women can never achieve while remaining healthy. At the same time, this culture is pushing food at people that’s going to make them overweight and unhealthy. This conflict between our idealized visions of body type and the mass marketing of food has led to a very, very psychologically unhealthy society, as well as physically unhealthy.”

Eric Schlosser, Author of Fast Food Nation

One of the most detrimental things happening to women in America today is a focus on food as a means to be either fat or skinny when all along it should have been about healthy or unhealthy. These two things are not the same.

We NEED to stop our obsession with being skinny. It is killing us emotionally and physically. It divorces us from the purpose of food and, therefore, warps our understanding of what we see in the mirror. “Skinny” confuses the real reasons why we need to make responsible decisions regarding what we choose to eat.