“If God meant for me to be this skinny, why did He make it so f#@king hard to get there!?”

Laura was standing in the middle of a crowded pig roast as these words spewed forth from her mouth. She was starving, yet not indulging, because she was “on a diet,” while others around her were happily digging in to a mouth watering spread of smoked meats complete with all the fixins. It was a life-altering, totally honest moment of frustration that ended years of nasty calorie restrictive deprivation diets and began a journey towards health.

Now, using skills honed in her 10-year career as a professional comedic actress, combined with knowledge from another 10 years as a health and wellness coach, Laura J will keep you engaged and entertained as she comfortably tackles the often awkward topics relating to health, body size, attractiveness, and nutrition, ultimately defining why “skinny” & “healthy” are not the same thing.

Coach Laura J began her career as a professional actress.
After enjoying great success on the stage she pursued formal education in the field of wellness, uncovering a deep passion for coaching, personal training, and holistic health.

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Signature Talk

Forget Skinny. It’s About Health.

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